New Name Reflects Many Ministries

Saint Francis Foundation

What was Saint Francis Community Services is now Saint Francis Ministries, complete with a new logo.

“We never considered dropping ‘Saint Francis’ from our name, as the saint’s concern for those in need personifies who we are,” said the Very Rev. Robert N. Smith, dean, president, and CEO. “Saint Francis Ministries better conveys who we are today, an organization rooted in the Episcopal faith, born of mission, and breathed into life through action. We do more than pray, we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty, doing what needs to be done to transform lives and systems in ways others have thought impossible.

“Many people hear our name and think of us primarily for our foster care and adoption services, but today Saint Francis Ministries is far more than that,” Smith said. “Every day in one or more of our facilities, we are helping survivors of child sex trafficking, adults with disabilities, refugees and immigrants, people wanting to break addictive behaviors, families trying to stay together, and children touched by trauma. We are expanding globally, encompassing a wider community of partnerships, and venturing to create new services where we see unmet needs. Saint Francis Ministries is only the beginning of greater things to come.”


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