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Matt Dickstein

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In the cover story, Benjamin Guyer interviews David Lee Bozeman, founder of the rock band Luxury and an ordained priest of the Orthodox Church in America. A brief excerpt:

What drew you to the Orthodox Church?
The liturgical worship of the Church. My upbringing was in a mainline evangelical tradition, which I never had any problems with. In college, I experienced the evangelicals moving in a different direction, more toward non-creedal, non-tradition, non-order. This didn’t appeal to me so I faded out, more or less. Friends of mine began exploring Orthodoxy, and with my first exposure to the worship, I was radically interested. I felt like I had a language and a tradition for what I always believed. I think the death of Christianity in the West is mainly due to lack of proper liturgical worship, among other things.


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  • Twenty Minutes with David Lee Bozeman | Of Majesty and Mystery
    By Benjamin Guyer
  • Dedicatory Plaques and the Communion of Saints
    By Eugene R. Schlesinger

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