Montana Seeks Tenth Bishop

The Diocese of Montana welcomes names until Nov. 15 in the search for its tenth bishop, and has posted an 11-page profile to its search website.

The diocese’s “Whom we seek” statement consists of four clauses:

We seek a missionary to help us grow; who leads in a forthright, collaborative, energetic and engaging fashion; who communicates frequently and effectively; who demonstrates understanding and empathy with each parish; who accepts and encourages flexible and contemporary worship; who embraces the role of pastor to the clergy; and who thinks strategically to help us remain vital.

The diocese adds this self-description:

Our parishes are dedicated to their communities and take pride in being welcoming, open-minded, loving, and inclusive. Almost all actively provide outreach through food pantries, community health initiatives, and other types of social services.

Our 34 parishes, led by 23 priests and 15 deacons, have a combined average Sunday attendance (ASA) of 1,407 with a third having an individual ASA of 13 or fewer.

Our small parishes are proud of their ability to continue despite diminished numbers. Medium and larger parishes work to sustain and grow their memberships. We are hungry for new ways to reach out to the communities around us. Built by a missionary bishop, the diocese seeks another missionary to guide, connect, and help us grow and remain vital.

The diocese will announce a slate in April, and its electing convention is scheduled for July.


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