Ministry at a Former Air Base

The Rev. Keith Pozzuto writes for Amplified Church about launching a ministry at Texas State Technical College near Waco:

In a nontraditional educational environment, where students come to class and leave to take care of families, or to work a second or third job, how can we find ways to connect with students? Where is church among such manifold and sundry changes of what student life looks like? Is it where it always has been? In the people? …

TXTC is a great place to learn and live; the former Connally Air Force Base offers campus housing and dorms, allowing space for community to grow and relationships to form. Though it is a small campus with less than 4,000 students, the students are committed to earning a degree improve their lives and the lives of their families. Many of the students that I have spoken with talk about how their life revolves around family, friends, and work. Some students are married, others are in relationships and some are young and want to be commercial pilots and travel the world. Each student has a different story to tell and I can see that all are in need of a community that will uplift, connect, and remind them of the love of Jesus.

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