‘Beauty Belongs Here’

Diocese of Atlanta

Maria Saporta writes about a memorial service for the Rev. Austin Ford, who worked among the poor for more than 30 years:

Ford died on Aug. 18 at the age of 89, and he was remembered with fondness and reverence during his memorial service, which attracted a combination of religious leaders, long-time civil rights and community activists as well as business executives and close friends.

The Cathedral’s Rev. Samuel Candler officiated the service — noting that Ford had once picketed in front of the Cathedral against some action by the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.

Candler described Father Ford as a man of great sensitivity, wisdom with a direct ministry to the common man and woman.

“His witness of social justice for all people was disarming,” said Candler, remembering how the Emmaus House had fine silver and antique furniture as well as a garden. “‘Beauty belongs here,’ Austin often would say.”

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