Haitian Leaders: Confirm Our Bishop-elect

The Rev. Canon Mark Harris has posted a letter sent by the Diocese of Haiti’s standing committee to bishops and other standing committees of the Episcopal Church.

Haiti’s standing committee offers a vigorous defense of the Rev. Joseph Delicat as the diocese’s bishop-elect. Harris writes:

The statement fully supports the election of Dean Delicat as bishop and presents detailed reasoning for rejecting the Court of Review’s findings. It asks the Standing Committees and Bishops Diocesan to confirm the election of Dean Delicat.

It also reveals more details concerning what it feels were inappropriate processes in the work of the Court of Review.

Among those was the appointment of a translator. The Standing Committee reports, “Although the Diocese of Haiti requested that the ‘court’ retain an independent translator, they permitted a priest who is an outspoken critic of the Diocese of Haiti and its Bishop, with no direct knowledge of anything that happened during the election, to address the court, and to ostensibly act as translator. That priest is a member of the Diocese of New York.”


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