Reformed–Anglican Dialogue

Vancouver School of Theology | Patrick Lauke | Flickr |

The International Reformed-Anglican Dialogue has issued a communique about its most recent meeting at Vancouver School of Theology:

Koinonia is adopted within the New Testament to push in a number of ways the commonality of inheritance and calling through faith. It introduces both experiences of blessing (with potential for more) and at the same time a keen, and at times immensely painful, realisation of the distance yet to be travelled — since exclusions and partisanship are forever re-forming. In the Canadian context, the loss of koinonia with the land and creation as well as between peoples was an acute reality being borne witness to. But still, by the working of the Holy Spirit, there was witness to healing and new horizons of hope. As the Dialogue worked on this first draft of a report, a tripartite structure was discerned, namely where does koinonia come from? How has it been embodied? And how can koinonia shape the priorities of church and world?

The full document follows.


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