‘Coercion and Undue Influence’

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The Court of Review of Province II has issued a six-page report that finds credible allegations of electoral interference as the Diocese of Haiti elected a successor to Bishop Zaché Duracin.

The court dismissed allegations against Bishop-elect Joseph Kerwin Délicat: “The Contestants allege the complicity of Father Délicat in a serious act of misconduct by another priest of the Diocese of Haiti. In assessing the fairness of this election, we sought to know two things: whether or not the allegations against Father Délicat were true, and whether the Standing Committee of Haiti had conducted a sufficient investigation of the allegation.

“We have been given clear documentary (stamped passport) proof that Father Délicat was not in Haiti at the time of the alleged offense, and we have been given sufficient evidence to demonstrate a substantial investingation of the charges by the Standing Committee.”

The report follows.

Copies of the report are available in Creole, English, and Spanish through the Episcopal Church’s website. The church will send copies of bishops and standing committees as they consider whether to consent to Dean Délicat’s election as bishop coadjutor.


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