Keillor Describes Healing Prayer

Prairie Home Productions | Wikimedia Commons |
Prairie Home Productions | Wikimedia Commons

Radio storyteller and novelist Garrison Keillor attended a morning service Aug. 5 at St. Michael’s Church in Manhattan and was overcome with emotion.

Keillor was fired by Minnesota Public Radio in November 2017 after it investigated multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

Keillor wrote on Facebook that he joined a steady stream of people who sought prayer for healing: “[I] joined them and I went to a black lady deacon who took my hands and I whispered that I have too much anger about a wrong done to me and I feel crippled by anger, and she prayed in a soft Caribbean voice, a long prayer, as I stood there, trembling. … This is a miraculous church, St. Michael’s on 99th and Amsterdam. I would move to New York just to attend there.”


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