Rowing into Retirement

Elizabeth and Blaine Hammond toast parishioners from their new rowboat, the Madida. | Courtesy Michael Freeman | Diocese of El Camino Real

The Diocese of El Camino Real reports in its newsletter, Along the King’s Highway, about a generous gift from parishioners to their retiring rector:

Congratulations to the Rev. Blaine Hammond, who retired as rector of St. Andrew’s Ben Lomond at the end of June. As part of his farewell the congregation built him a boat, the Madida, which they christened and launched at the Santa Cruz Harbor on June 16. …

“Almighty God, who guided Noah in the building of an Ark, and calmed the raging sea, we call upon you to bless those who have prepared this ship for service, and to protect and preserve those who sail in her, and surround them with your loving care. Amen.”

Courtesy Michael Freeman | Diocese of El Camino Real


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