#GC79 Highlight: New Life for Old Boots

Members of Episcopal Church Women used 100 boots as Texas-style table decorations at its 49th Triennial Meeting in Austin and as donations afterward. The Rev. Cathy Boyd, formerly of Austin, and Pam Link of Texas helped secure the boots, at the suggestion of the Rev. Cathy Boyd, the triennial’s chaplain.

“They served one purpose — thematic decorating — beautifully,” said Lisa Towle, president of the National ECW Board. “But because the boots were not in matched pairs, the question then became how best to use them. A wonderful answer emerged. We pray that they’re useful.”

ECW leaders worked with the Rev. John Moock (above) of Episcopal Veterans Fellowship to send the boots to the National Odd Shoe Exchange in Chandler, Arizona. The exchange is a clearing house for amputees and others who need only one shoe.

Photos from Episcopal Veterans Fellowship, ECW, and TLC


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