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The cover story reports on one topic that both houses ultimately adopted with great enthusiasm: the return of the Episcopal Church of Cuba’s return to the fold of the Episcopal Church decades after its Cold War-inspired expulsion by the House of Bishops.

Matthew Townsend and Kirk Petersen report:

La Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba will soon be a diocese of the Episcopal Church. On July 11 the House of Deputies unanimously passed Resolution A238, which calls for the diocese to be admitted to the church as soon as Executive Council acknowledges receipt of routine paperwork by the secretary of General Convention.

The House of Bishops having approved the resolution the night before, Cuba’s reentry into the church is now a foregone conclusion — so much so that official Cuban visitors were seated and offered voice in the House of Deputies, with a Cuba placard prepared for their table.

… The path to admission was far more winding than initially thought. Concerns about canon law — or the lack thereof — threw the Episcopal Church in Cuba committee into days of extra work. Because there was no canonical mechanism to readmit an extra-provincial diocese into the Episcopal Church, the committee considered waiting for canonical changes to be completed before proposing reintegration. That would have meant a three-year wait.

However, after lengthy testimony from Cuban visitors, moving comments from committee members that they could not in conscience making Cuba wait, and reassurances from member Canon Paul Ambos that a course could be charted, the committee proceeded with A238.


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