Los Angeles Remembers RFK

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The Episcopal News Update in the Diocese of Los Angeles reports on a service honoring Robert F. Kennedy on the 50th anniversary of his assassination:

Good Samaritan Hospital remembered Robert F. Kennedy on June 6, the 50th anniversary of his death at the hospital after he was shot at the Ambassador Hotel, where he had been celebrating his victory in the California primary election as he sought the nomination for president of the United States.

The Rev. Michael S. Bell, Episcopal chaplain, … led the 20-minute service, at which Tom LaBonge, former Los Angeles city council member and longtime friend of the hospital, also spoke.

… “Bobby Kennedy would want you to know about him, and it’s important that you each find out about him and what he stood for as a person,” said LaBonge. He described the 1960s as enduring “earthquake after earthquake” as the nation saw the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King and was jolted by the civil rights movement and turmoil over the Vietnam War. “Why do we miss Bobby Kennedy so much?” LaBonge asked. “Because we need someone who brings people together, not separate them — who brings together all people from all places.”

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