Recycled Plastics Become Cassocks

Butler and Butler

Discarded plastic bags are a growing menace in oceans and waterways; a whale died recently in Thailand after eating 17 pounds of plastic bags. The Church of England is trying to make a difference with plastic recycling.

Butler and Butler, operated by a London vicar, has launched a range of eco-friendly cassocks manufactured with a polyester created from reclaimed bottles. The Rev. Simon Butler reports a “huge swell of interest” in the cassocks inspired by the BBC TV series Blue Planet.

A fabric mill in India makes the fabric for the £189 cassock, which Butler says is closer to a “softer wool feel” than traditional polyester.

“The company has been going for ten years and we have a strong customer base who really like what we do with the fair trade and the organic,” Butler told The Telegraph. “So the move into the recycled plastics just seemed like a really good fit. Our existing customer base have been really pleased and response has been really good, I think because it’s such a live topic and a live issue.”

John Martin


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