Joseph Kirwin Delicat Elected Coadjutor in Haiti

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The Rev. Canon Mark Harris writes at Preludium:

The Very Rev. Joseph Kirwin Delicat, Dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port-au-Prince, has been elected bishop coadjutor of the Diocese of Haiti.

On the second day of voting, June 2, 2018, Dean Delicat was elected by a majority of both lay and clergy delegates on the second ballot of the day. This followed five inconclusive ballots on Thursday, May 17th. The report of the first day can be found here.

An official announcement was made today:

The Ven. Joseph Kerwin Delicat, dean of Holly Trinity Cathedral in Port au Prince Haiti, is elected bishop coadjutor of the Diocese of Haiti during the electoral convention of June 2, 2018, convention held at the nursing school of the University Episcopal of Haiti in Leogane, Haiti.

Pending the consent process, the Ven. Joseph Kerwin Delicat will succeed the current bishop, the Rt. Rev. Jean Zaché Duracin, who is retiring after serving the diocese as its bishop since 1994.

The ordination and consecration is set for Saturday, January 5, 2019.

It was signed “For Ecclesia, Rev. Dr. Kesner Ajax, Chair.”

The Ven. Fritz Bazin of the Diocese of Southeast Florida wrote,

“The people have spoken.” There is, he says, “no question as to the validity of the procedures…The votes are there, stating the choice of the majority of delegates. Their participation in this exercise is an example to the nation that in spite of the protest of those who felt that the elections should note take place, which is their right,the majority has decided.”

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