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Frederick Legault

The June 3 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

In this edition, news editor Matthew Townsend writes about the challenges faced by the Diocese of Québec:

Once a plant of conquering anglophones in a nearly theocratic land, the Anglican Diocese of Québec finds itself trying to be a church under new circumstances. In a place where English is no longer prized and religion is scorned, what’s an English-speaking church to do?

“Québec’s such an interesting, frustrating, wonderful, paradoxical place,” the Rt. Rev. Bruce Myers, OGS, told TLC in his office within the cathedral close. Myers, like so many of Québec’s Anglican clergy, defies expectations. Belonging to the Oratory of the Good Shepherd, Myers is a professed member of a geographically distributed religious community. He used to be a journalist and is only 45, and says he is the oldest person working in the synod office. He is from Ontario but fully bilingual, and his ministry began in the Magdalen Islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. He also served as the Anglican Church of Canada’s national ecumenism officer.

Myers was elected coadjutor in 2015, ordained as bishop in May 2016, and took the helm in April 2017. A Borg cube — a Christmas present — sits atop one of his bookshelves. He shares the neighboring bishop’s rectory: Canon Theologian Jeffrey Metcalfe [TLC, Feb. 25], Metcalfe’s wife, Julie Boisvert, and their two young children live with Myers in the large home.

“I actually think this is one of the most interesting mission fields in the world right now, for all its challenges, for all its history, for all of the supposed latent hostility towards institutionalized religion, especially Christianity.

“We have a real opportunity to do some very meaningful, call it what you want: evangelization, engagement with the world, spreading the gospel, being church as best we can.”


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