Pension Group on Deployment

Matthew Price • Church Pension Group

The Church Pension Group has released Clergy Deployment Trends: Adapting to a New Reality, a new podcast episode.

The program, which explores the changing nature of ministry and clergy deployment in the Episcopal Church, features Matthew Price, senior vice president of research and data, and Anne Hurst, senior research analyst.

“This podcast presents an informative look at our research on clergy deployment trends and offers us a new way of communicating our research for an increasingly busy Church,” Price said.

The podcast also features commentary from clergy members who discuss the evolving nature of ministry, as well as commentary by Teresa Ghilarducci, a labor economist and specialist in retirement security.

The research included more than 4,000 online survey responses from priests and deacons in good standing who are younger than 72. Quantitative findings were supplemented by a series of focus groups in Chicago, Los Angeles, and North Carolina.


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