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Courtesy of Saint James School

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In the cover essay, the Rev. W.L. Prehn writes about Saint James School in Maryland:

It is a model Episcopal boarding school operating at full capacity. Though this school, located 65 minutes from Washington, has been thriving for quite some time now, I think it fair to say that many are unfamiliar with its history and current work. The place caught my attention in the late 1990s when a trusted friend told me enthusiastically, “This is the school we’ve all been looking for.” Since this is a large claim — we have so many good schools — I took notice. The Rev. Stuart Dunnan is in his 26th year as headmaster and is still a relatively young man. What is yet to come at Saint James could be noteworthy.

Saint James School is historic for at least two reasons. First, Saint James is simply one of our oldest schools. Of our historic boarding schools still in operation, only the Episcopal High School in Alexandria (1839) is older. We who care about faith-based education of the Episcopal variety celebrate such a milestone.

Second, Saint James was the mother lode for much subsequent prospecting in Episcopal education. Not just one or two schools were modeled on Saint James. Personnel from Saint James either founded or participated in the foundational years of St. Paul’s Concord (1856), Racine College in Wisconsin (1858), the Shattuck and St. Mary’s Schools in Minnesota (1858 and 1859), and St. Mark’s Southborough (1865). Saint James was modeled on St. Paul’s College and Grammar School (1836), the mature iteration on Long Island of the scholastic vision of William Augustus Muhlenberg (1796-1877).


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