Confessing Anglicans Want Safeguards

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The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans New Zealand has issued a three-page response to Motion 29, a proposal to extend blessing rites to same-sex couples and unmarried couples.

The fellowship protests the proposed change, but it also voices concerns that Motion 29 makes inadequate provisions for Anglicans.

Members of the fellowship add:

We repeat our plea for an Extra Provincial Diocese to be established. This would allow the two convictions to exist within different structures and would allow that process to be done as patiently, kindly, and generously as possible. Rather than the kind of splits and legal disputes that have occurred in other Anglican provinces that have gone down this road, the creation of an Extra Provincial Diocese, done collaboratively and with goodwill, would endorse the gospel of the Lord Jesus rather than bring it into disrepute. The Report states that in its opinion General Synod does not have the authority or mandate to implement this option. We would contend that we have already seen this kind of imagination and resourcefulness in the establishment of our Three Tikanga church, and we now have the opportunity to offer hope and a way forward not only to Anglicans of our Province but the wider Communion.


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