Diocesan House in Savannah

Diocese of Georgia

The Diocese of Georgia announces its plan to move into historic Savannah:

The Episcopal Diocese of Georgia has purchased an 1882 home on E. 34th Street with proceeds from the sale of its property at 611 E. Bay Street and monies from the Connerat Fund, which was created for use at the bishop’s discretion. The staff will be moving its offices in late April. The new property, which housed law offices before the current residents occupied it as their home, has ample dedicated parking for staff and visitors, increased space for staff offices and small gatherings, as well as a carriage house studio apartment.

“The Diocese is moving into new offices to create flexibility for generations to come, particularly around access to parking, handicap accessibility for people visiting us, and hospitality for out-of-town guests, none of which were ever going to be possible at our current office,” said Bishop Scott Anson Benhase, “This new space will become a strong asset for our common mission.”


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