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In this edition, G. Jeffrey MacDonald reports on the 47-member General Convention committee that will propose resolutions regarding sexual harassment and exploitation:

The Episcopal Church is on track to become the first major Christian denomination to confront a history of sexual harassment in the church in the wake of the #MeToo movement, which has triggered a torrent of allegations across industries and toppled powerful men from Harvey Weinstein to Charlie Rose.

But early efforts to bring painful stories to light and seek justice are already consumed in debate about what is needed and what will work.
Observers agree that establishing a system can help assure due process, rather than finger-pointing that leads to abrupt firings and unresolved questions. Yet they differ on what will be needed to ensure churchwide buy-in and fairness for victims and accused alike.

That General Convention would take up the emotionally charged subject of sexual harassment this summer in Austin became a given on Feb. 28. That was when the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, president of the House of Deputies, announced the appointment of a 47-member special committee to propose legislation on sexual harassment and exploitation. One week later, the House of Bishops announced a July 4 forum at which victims of sexual harassment and violence in the church can tell their stories as General Convention begins.


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