4 Nominees for Newark

Diocese of Newark

In the search for its 11th bishop, the Diocese of Newark has nominated a slate of two women serving as priests in Texas and two men serving as priests in and near the nation’s capital.

These are the nominees:

In their online profiles, the nominees answer these questions:

  • Who is Jesus Christ to you and how is your life and ministry influenced and shaped by Christ?
  • What criteria would you use for determining when and how a struggling congregation should be closed? And where might we find signs of resurrection (new life) there?
  • Based on the information you have learned about the Diocese of Newark, what challenges and excites you about your vision for the role of a bishop in the 21st century in this Diocese?

The diocese will accept nominees by petition until 5 p.m. (Eastern) March 15 and will elect the bishop May 19. A service of ordination and consecration is scheduled for Sept. 22.

Adapted from the Diocese of Newark


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