Prayers in Violent Times

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The Diocese of Maine reports that the Rt. Rev. Stephen T. Lane has revised a litany marking the widespread grief that follows mass shootings:

Today he shares an updated, expanded version titled A Litany in the Aftermath of Gun Violence. Read it below and feel free to share it.

It will be used at a Service of Lament for Gun Violence that will be held at St. Luke’s Cathedral in Portland on Wednesday, March 14, at 7 p.m. All are invited.

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A Litany in the Aftermath of Gun Violence

Revised by the author, the Rt. Rev. Stephen T. Lane, Episcopal Bishop of Maine
February 28, 2018

Permission is granted to amend or adjust as necessary

Giver of Life and Love, you created all people as one family and called us to live together in peace. Surround us with your love as we face again the tragedy of gun violence.

For the children and adults who were killed _________, (the brave ones who died protecting others), the many who were wounded and hospitalized, the traumatized, grieving survivors, and those known to you alone, Loving God
Make us instruments of your peace.

God of Righteousness, you have granted our leaders, especially Donald, our President, and _________, our Governor, the members of Congress and of our courts and legislatures, power and responsibility to protect us, and to uphold our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Strengthen their devotion to our common life and give them clarity of purpose.

For all who bear such responsibility, for all who struggle to discern what is right in the face of powerful political forces, Loving God
Make us instruments of your peace.

God of Compassion, we give you thanks for first responders: police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and all those whose duties bring them to the streets, the schools, the malls and the homes where the carnage of gun violence takes place every day. Give them courage and sound judgment in the heat of the moment and grant them compassion for the victims.

For our brothers and sisters who risk their lives and serenity as they rush to our aid,
Loving God
Make us instruments of your peace.

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