Coloradans Seek 11th Bishop

Matt Santomarco • Flickr •

The Episcopal Church in Colorado welcomes nominations until Feb. 20 in the search for its 11th bishop. Priests have until Feb. 28 to complete an application form.

The diocese’s profile is available online in three sections: “Who We Are,” “What We Believe,” and “Whom We Seek.”

The “What We Believe” section says this:

The people of the Episcopal Church in Colorado seek a new bishop who will lead us in prayer and partner with us in bringing the Good News of God’s love to our neighbors, in our local communities, and around the globe.

The Diocese of Colorado is large, dispersed, and diverse: diverse theologically, politically, liturgically, in ethnicity, geography, and church size. We seek a bishop who will be a teacher, pastor, advocate, and priest for all of us.

Over the past decade, we have come to value our diversity and treasure our relationships across boundaries that once divided us. We seek a bishop who will honor our differences and listen deeply to our various voices. We seek a bishop who affirms the full inclusion of all Christians in the church’s life and sacraments while respecting, embracing, and keeping a place at the table for those who uphold conservative theology and traditional values.


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