Diocese Petitions Supreme Court

Phil Roeder • Flickr • bit.ly/2iG5mR5

Adam Parker reports for The Post and Courier:

The disassociated Diocese of South Carolina, which left The Episcopal Church in 2012 and sued to retain its name and property, lost its battle in the state courts in August last year when the Supreme Court issued a set of five opinions that, overall, favored The Episcopal Church and its remaining diocese.

According to that ruling, the disassociated diocese would have to relinquish 29 church buildings. (A separate federal case will determine the fate of intellectual property.)

But Diocese of South Carolina officials soon indicated they would petition the U.S. Supreme Court in an effort to overturn the state court decision, and on Friday, Feb. 9, that’s just what they did.

The petition for writ of certiorari [PDF] asks the nation’s highest court to consider the case and apply “neutral principles of law.”

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