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The Feb. 25 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers. In the cover story, news editor Matthew Townsend interviews the Rev. Canon Jeffrey Metcalfe, canon theologian for the Diocese of Québec, Anglican Church of Canada.

Metcalfe, 30, grew up in a rural area two hours outside of Toronto, completed undergraduate studies in Winnipeg, and earned his MDiv from Trinity College, University of Toronto, in 2011. After ordination, he served three parishes on the remote Magdalen Islands, Québec, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. In 2015, he returned to Trinity to begin his doctoral work, developing a theological ethnography of how migration and race are imagined and understood among Québec City’s Christians.

Metcalfe intends to explore how Christians can welcome refugees into a community that has struggled with the arrival of people perceived as racially and religiously different from the majority, with expressions of anti-migration and anti-Muslim sentiment growing into publicly visible right-wing groups and even a mass shooting at the city’s Grand Mosque in January 2017. Six people were killed and another 19 injured.


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