Convocation Releases Profile

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The Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe has released its profile [PDF] in the search for its next bishop-in-charge. It will receive names of potential nominees until March 12.

“In this particular time we need a bishop who will build on the efforts my friend Bishop Pierre Whalon and help the Convocation discern what the Jesus Movement looks like in this particular context right now,” Presiding Bishop Michael Curry writes in an introductory letter. “On a personal note, I’m looking for a partner in ministry with whom to collaborate in the years ahead.”

The profile includes two lists that describe what the convocation seeks in its next bishop:

Where (we believe) God is leading us

  • Be vibrant congregations, which more fully proclaim and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • Develop new communities, where possible in association with ecumenical partners, including indigenous language churches;
  • Foster ecumenical and interfaith relationships and projects;
  • Be a progressive and prophetic Christian witness to secular post-Christian European societies;
  • Engage European policy-makers, along with other churches, in the promotion of justice, peace and the integrity of creation;
  • Achieve financial stability and sustainability for the Convocation and its constituent churches.

What we need to move forward in our next Episcopate

  • Configure the Convocation staff to more effectively serve the needs of the Convocation and its congregations;
  • Enhance cooperation through better communications and consultation between Convocation staff, congregational leadership, committee chairs and deputies to General Convention;
  • Review key structures that are already in place, such as the Commission on the Ministry of the Baptized (COMB), the Youth Commission, and the European Institute for Christian Studies (EICS), to ensure a coherent process for the raising up and equipping of new leadership for the congregations;
  • Establish an inventory of skills and experience of clergy and lay leaders in view of sharing such resources more widely within the Convocation;
  • Develop leadership, ideas and resources for stewardship;
  • Strengthen the pastoral care of clergy and lay leadership in our churches, giving attention to the welcoming and orientation of new clergy, congregational development and continuing education.


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