Long Island’s Covenant of Prayer

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The Right Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano, Bishop of Long Island, renews his call to observe Epiphany by replacing mass media with prayer:

This past November, as part of my annual address to the Diocesan Convention, I made a proposal to the entire diocese to join me in a Covenant of Prayer.

Here is an excerpt of what I said:

“What I propose is this: a covenant to begin on the Feast of Epiphany, January 6th, between the people of the diocese and the bishop for one hour of prayer each day, one day of prayer each month, and eight days of prayer each year.

“No cell phones, no computers, no TV or newspapers. Just each of us and Jesus as a way to help change the tone and tenor of the world that God has given into our care.

“I ask that parish clergy help to provide guidance and tools to the people of your parish. Praying is something we know about. Clergy, let’s equip the saints for the building up of the church and our ministry to the world.

“I believe that, by God’s grace, our prayer will strengthen each of us, and provide a faithful witness in the face of hollow distractions.”

Well here we are in Epiphanytide. Recognizing that we have been a faithful, prayerful community for 150 years, I am asking you to join me and commit to this Covenant of Prayer.

What I am asking is simple but significantly transformative. The impact of each member of the diocese spending an hour in quiet prayer each day, a day of prayer each month, and eight days of prayer each year, has the potential to change the world.

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