Nashotah Dean Advances

Nashotah House

Garwood Anderson, who has been serving as acting dean and president of Nashotah House Theological Seminary, will become interim dean and president with the new year.

Anderson joined the faculty in 2007 as professor of New Testament studies. He writes for The Living Church and its weblog, Covenant.

“I hope to continue attracting the brightest and most gifted individuals to the faculty so that the House can lead a renewal in the church in the years ahead,” Anderson told the board recently.

“Dr. Anderson has been an outstanding leader at Nashotah House for many years and brings a level of expertise and commitment that is exactly what Nashotah House needs right now,” said the Rev. John Jordan, a member of Nashotah’s board of directors.

“Everyone here at the House is happy and thankful for Dr. Anderson’s leadership right now,” said Jesse Lassiter, a second-year student. “The vibe on campus is very positive.”

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