AMiE Plans First Ordinations

The Anglican Mission in England (AMiE), which now claims 10 British parishes in its network, plans to hold its first ordinations in a Dec. 7 service to be led by its missionary bishop, the Rt. Rev. Andy Lines.

AMiE says the event will take place in London and will celebrate the commissioning and sending of nine new ministers “who have gone through a process of rigorous discernment and training.”

Some will serve in existing AMiE congregations, while others will lead teams engaged in planting new churches.

“We know that many faithful Anglicans remain within the structures of the Church of England,” said Lee McMunn, AMiE’s mission director. “However, some are finding their entry to ordination blocked by liberal clergy who do not believe orthodox Anglican teachings.

“Many are now talking to AMiE about a different way of being an Anglican in England.”

John Martin


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