First Look: General Convention

Austin Convention Center • Ed Schipul • Flickr •

Bishops and Deputies attending General Convention in July may begin preparing now: “An Introduction to the 79th General Convention for Deputies and Bishops” is available online as a 31-page PDF.

The 79th General Convention will meet July 5-13 at Austin Convention Center. Its theme is “The Jesus Movement: Loving, Liberating and Life-giving.”

The document’s topics include:

  • How to prepare
  • How to register
  • What can I expect in Austin?
  • What is the schedule for General Convention?
  • What happens at General Convention?
  • How does General Convention conduct its legislative work?
  • What are resolutions and memorials?
  • What are the Rules of Order?
  • What are legislative committees?
  • What is the Virtual Binder?
  • Information on elections
  • Draft agenda
  • Legislative committees

Adapted from the Office of Public Affairs


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