Kansas Seeks 10th Bishop

The Diocese of Kansas is accepting names in its search for the diocese’s 10th bishop. A 31-page profile is available on the diocese’s bishop-search website.

The diocese will accept names until Jan. 19, announce a slate of nominees June 21, and elect the bishop on Oct. 19. Consecration of the next bishop is scheduled for March 2, 2019.

The search committee says that it seeks a bishop who:

Loves Jesus and articulates a deep spirituality
Whether leading a meeting, preaching and celebrating the Eucharist, or meeting one-on-one with individuals, the people of Kansas want a spiritual and administrative leader who is passionate for the gospel and hopeful about The Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Kansas. We want a bishop who actively tends to their own interior life and is “lit up enough” for all to see it and be changed by it.

Will lead the Diocese of Kansas into a shared mission, vision and direction We dream of a diocese that respects the diversity of God’s people in Kansas: gender, age, economics, ethnicity and sexual orientation. We seek a visionary, action-oriented leader who, after getting to know the people, structures and culture of this diocese, is prepared to help articulate and activate a set of gospel-centered priorities for the coming years — priorities that fully embrace our Baptismal Covenant.

Equips congregations of all sizes for evangelism and mission
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s call for evangelism as part of the Jesus Movement excites the people of the Diocese of Kansas, but many of us are unsure about how about to channel that excitement into ac on. Amid uncertainty about what the church will look like in this post-Christendom age, we seek a bishop who brings an entrepreneurial spirit and encourages holy risk-taking to help equip congregations for con dent, creative evangelism and mission in the communities we serve.

Demonstrates a collaborative leadership style
Clergy and lay people, adults and children alike, gladly bring an abundance of gifts, talents, perspectives and energy to the work they do for their churches and for the diocese. Our bishop will recognize that we all have strengths that build up the body, and they will actively listen as we make decisions together. When decisions must rest with the bishop, we will have confidence that they will make decisions with wisdom and clarity.

Builds and maintains meaningful relationships with clergy, staff and diocesan leaders
Our bishop will see how much relationships matter to us at all levels of the diocese and how connected we are to one another (despite the miles between us). We seek a humble, pastorally minded individual who will take the me to get to know people, pay attention and be present. In particular, the clergy seek a bishop who provides them pastoral care, models a healthy lifestyle and exercises self-care. The bishop will help strengthen and further the collegial relationships that exist among clergy, including between priests and deacons. The youth also clearly articulated their desire for a bishop who activately participates in events and takes the me to know them.

Fully supports the life and ministry of small congregations
In this 44-parish diocese, more than half of our churches are served by part-time, non-stipendiary or supply clergy. We seek a bishop who does not see a small congregation as a problem to be solved and who recognizes that “small and mighty” churches have as much to offer as the “large and powerful” ones. We need a bishop who champions the vitality of small congregations and empowers lay people for ministry.

Works outside conventional structures and boundaries
The Bishop Kemper School for Ministry was repeatedly cited throughout the listening sessions as one of the greatest achievements in the diocese during the last episcopate. This school demonstrates the power of collaboration across diocesan boundaries and even denominational lines, with the increasing involvement of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Central States Synod. We seek a bishop who reconsiders conventional, traditional structures and boundaries at the local, convocation, diocesan and denominational levels, and seeks ways that we, the church, can be stronger together.

Courageously engages in healthy conflict resolution
We know conflict is a normal aspect of human interactions and provides opportunity for growth. However, our recent history suggests a pattern of conflict avoidance. We seek a leader who provides a non-anxious presence and who can facilitate difficult situations and conflict in healthy, creative and constructive ways. We believe this ability requires both a steady presence and a prophetic voice.

Makes Kansas home
It should come as no surprise that we Kansans love Kansas, and that we take pride in where we live. In fact, there are a great many reasons to love Kansas that we are eager to share with candidates—from the arts, culture and food scenes in any number of our communities, to the stunning beauty of open skies, Konza Prairie and Flint Hills, to the rhythms of small towns and an agrarian lifestyle. We seek a bishop who is excited about living in this part of the country, putting down roots and living into the unique culture of Kansas.

Diocese of Kansas Profile 2017-11-20 by TheLivingChurchdocs on Scribd


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