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The Episcopal Evangelism Grants Program, designed to fund local and regional evangelism efforts, is accepting applications until Dec. 15.

“This program will encourage our whole Church to share resources, catalyze imagination, and ultimately cultivate a network of evangelists who can learn from each other and connect with each other,” said the Rev. Canon Susan Brown Snook, chairwoman of both the Episcopal Evangelism Grants Committee and the Executive Council’s Committee on Local Mission and Ministry.

The Episcopal Evangelism Grants program is coordinated by the Local Mission and Ministry Committee in collaboration with the Episcopal Church’s Evangelism Initiatives Team.

“Evangelism isn’t some scary practice only ‘other’ Christians do,” said the Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s canon for evangelism, reconciliation and creation care and a member of the grants committee. “Evangelism is the heart of Christian life, and we hope this program will light a fire and connect Episcopalians who are creating unique, authentically Episcopal ways of seeking, naming and celebrating Jesus’ loving presence everywhere.”

The committee seeks proposals that focus on several goals:

  • To create and spread
  • To create opportunities for people who are not part of a faith community to build their own loving, liberating, life-giving relationships with God in Christ
  • To aim for lasting, broad impact
  • To employ innovation and creativity
  • To promote churchwide learning, understanding and practical application

Episcopal institutions (congregations, dioceses, provinces, schools, monastic communities, organizations, and affiliated entities) are eligible to receive these funds. Regional collaborative partnerships with non-Episcopal entities are welcome, but an Episcopal entity must serve as the project leader, active manager, and reporting agent. Those associated with a seminary or formation program are encouraged to explore funding through the Episcopal Evangelism Society.

Grants are available for up to $2,000 for an individual congregation and up to $8,000 for multi-church, diocesan, and regional collaborations. Groups receiving funding are expected to make a significant financial contribution toward the project.

The grants committee will review proposals and make recommendations to Executive Council at its January meeting. Distribution will occur within four weeks of notification and completion of requisite forms.

Application, criteria, and more information are available from the Evangelism Initiatives Team’s webpage.

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