Video: Notes from London


Bishop George Sumner on the Lambeth Conference from The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas on Vimeo.

Message from the Rt. Rev. George R. Sumner about his participation in the planning of the next Lambeth Conference

The Rt. Rev. George Sumner, Bishop of Dallas, has issued a video in which he discusses a recent trip to London for planning the next Lambeth Conference.

Bishop Sumner touches on themes to those he mentioned in two weblog posts earlier in the month:

The Communion matters in our coming to terms with the issues we have before us, but it also matters for the problems only barely visible now, but of consequence for the next generation. The environment and cyber-corruption are obvious examples. But I also have in mind the way post-modern society will come to view the human, the issue of human dignity per se. Already we design our gene lines, freeze the heads of corpses for reattachment, engineer viruses, need I go on?  They say military strategists err by preparing for the last war. There may be something similar in the Church, and so for reasons we do not yet really know we let our networks of fellowship fray at our peril.


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