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In this edition’s cover story, photojournalist Asher Imtiaz tells the story of Yazidi refugees from Iraq who have settled in Lincoln, Nebraska.

He focuses especially on Shireen Jardo:

She is 31 years old. With [social worker Laila Khoudeida’s] help, I took photographs of her when I traveled to Lincoln for a third time on Labor Day weekend. Shireen agreed to let me photograph her because I told her that I would make her story known, in the hope that it would help her find her family and help her people find justice.

Laila gave me a copy of Shireen’s story, which covered 13 single-spaced typed pages. There are no paragraph breaks. The names of places are specific. The names of her tormentors are specific. Everything that was done to Shireen has been written down, and through interpreters, she’s told her story to members of Congress and to the United Nations. It’s this kind of testimony that can help convict the men and women who hurt her and her family. Before her captivity, she dreamed of being a lawyer. Perhaps that dream drives her now. Her most immediate goal is to speak English well enough to tell her story without an interpreter.


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