Clean Office, Clean Conscience

Ever since St. Paul funded his evangelization around the Mediterranean through tent-making, mission and business enterprises, have often worked hand in glove. Clean for Good, a new business launched in London, aims to be “a potent combination of pioneering mission, social enterprise, and God’s love,” according to the Church Mission Society, one of its shareholders.

The enterprise aims to win business from established firms based on ethical principles. Office cleaning is notorious for low pay, anti-social hours, and poor working conditions. Clean for Good provides paid leave, sick pay, guaranteed working hours, and the London living wage. There are two other shareholders: the London city parish of St. Andrew’s By the Wardrobe and the Centre for Theology and Community.

“We offer flexible hours for employees who want to combine work with study or family responsibilities,” said its business manager, Catherine Pearson. The company aims to grow its turnover to at least £600,000 in the next two years. Clients to date include a charity, a public relations agency, and churches.

Clean for Good has 10 employees so far. It is improving the lives of people like Florentina, 36, an immigrant from Romania. Previously this mother of two worked 72 hours a week in a fast-food company. She earns the same money as before in a work week of 30 to 40 hours.

John Martin


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