Talkin’ Bob Dylan Gospel

Dena Flows/Flickr •

From the CAT Club in Pontefract, England:

On 20th August 1979, the remarkable Slow Train Coming was released. It was the first of three albums released since Bob Dylan’s conversion to Christianity. Inevitably the evangelical nature of the record caused a furore and, not for the first time in the great man’s career, divided his fans and concert goers yet again.

Musically, with the Muscle Shoals Alabama sound, and the terrific band (including Mark Knopfler and Pick Withers from Dire Straits) it ranks amongst Dylan’s greatest achievements.

The Bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines, will also be with us to discuss all things Dylan and this incredible period in his life.

Sony will be releasing the latest in their Dylan ‘Bootleg Series’ which covers his gospel period and features some of the greatest recordings you will ever have the pleasure of listening to 3rd November.

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