Church Joins Federal Lawsuit

United States Courts •

U.S. District Judge Richard Mark Gergel ruled Aug. 23 that the Episcopal Church may join a federal lawsuit concerning the rights to service marks.

The Episcopal Church in South Carolina announced the decision on its website Aug. 25.

The marks include the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina and the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South Carolina.

The judge’s order and the motions that prompted it follow in full.

The most recent statement by the Diocese of South Carolina (ACNA) is a call to prayer and fasting on Aug. 30, as the diocese prepares to file its motion for a rehearing in the Supreme Court of South Carolina. That statement also follows in full.

Judge Gergel Order and Opinion 2017-08-23 by TheLivingChurchdocs on Scribd

Episcopal Church Motion 2017-08-15 by TheLivingChurchdocs on Scribd

Bishop Lawrence Response 2017-08-22 by TheLivingChurchdocs on Scribd

Day of Prayer and Fasting-SC by TheLivingChurchdocs on Scribd


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