Listen to the fourth episode of The Living Church podcast!

Your hosts, Andrew Petiprin and Zachary Guiliano, dig into how the liturgy discloses the mystery of Christ. As a jumping-off point, they use Fr. Matthew Olver’s article, “Liturgy doesn’t ‘mean’ anything. It is something.” This article rose out of a discussion between authors on our weblog, Covenant, and challenges the idea that the liturgy’s ceremonial actions have primarily a symbolic or even pragmatic and aesthetic function. Also in this episode: discussion of the recent eclipse-o-pocalypse, the nature of “rubrical” authority, Anglican arguments over “the right way” to do liturgy, and your weekly dose of Neo-Platonism.

In our segment Recollection, Andrew commends a series of resources for acquainting children with the great Western tradition of music: Classical for Kids. Zack commends the new collaborative album by Sufjan Stevens, Planetarium, with its theologically rich (and confusing) lyrics, expressed in a techno/dance progressive mode.

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