Writer Leads Anglican Dominicans

James R. Dennis was installed as master of the Anglican Order of Preachers on Aug. 9 at his parish, St. Mark’s, San Antonio.

Dennis is an author and former attorney. He has written a book of poetry, Correspondence in D Minor. With John T. Davis and Brent Douglass, he has written four mysteries under the pen name of Miles Arceneaux.

The Anglican Order of Preachers, commonly known as Dominicans, is a community of men and women, lay and clergy, founded in 1999 as an Anglican expression of the order established by St. Dominic more than 800 years ago.

Members live secular lives, taking vows of simplicity, purity, and obedience. They spend an hour a day in prayer and another hour a day in study, and follow a call to teach and preach.

The order has members in eight countries: Australia, Canada, China, England, Ireland, Puerto Rico, the United States, and Wales.

Adapted from Marjorie George, Diocese of West Texas


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