Abp. Welby on Sudan

The Archbishop of Canterbury writes on Facebook about his recent visit to Sudan and Uganda, on which he visited two refugee camps:

I am left wondering whether the cause of this crisis can be resolved. Is it possible for peace to be achieved in South Sudan? This question formed the basis of my meetings with President Museveni and with Mrs Rebecca Garang, wife of the late Dr John Garang. Truthfully I don’t know the answer but we are disciples of Jesus Christ, the resurrected one, the Lord of hope and reconciliation. I have committed to do two things:

First, pray and advocate.

Second, do all I can to strengthen the church as a force for reconciliation in South Sudan. Women have a central role in bringing about reconciliation in communities, and my wife Caroline and my Advisor for Reconciliation Sarah Snyder are hoping to visit South Sudan in the autumn to explore what can be done to support them.

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