Bloy House Loses Host Campus

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Bloy House’s email newsletter confirms that the school of theology must relocate when Claremont School of Theology moves nearly 1,000 miles northwest and becomes part of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon:

[Claremont’s] move will happen as quickly as possible, but not in this academic year. There will be a teach-out that allows students who began their studies on the Claremont campus to finish their studies here in the area.

The implications for Bloy House are significant. We will continue our partner relationship with CST and students will still be able to receive a Master of Divinity degree through course work at Bloy House and CST, but Bloy House will need to find new space for our long-term future. While our location will not change in the 2017-18 academic year (and likely not the succeeding year), we look forward to providing you all with updates on our efforts to find a future physical home.

Like all change, this new chapter in our life will offer both challenges and new opportunities. It will not be the first move for Bloy House. (We began on the USC campus nearly sixty years ago.) But this does signal the beginning of a new chapter in the mission and ministry of our wonderful institution. Coincidentally that chapter may likely ensue at just the time we begin our celebrations of 60 years of Bloy House ministry.


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