The Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music has posted three videos in a series of conversations with Anglican liturgists across the world. The discussions are part of the commission’s discernment as it studies possible revision of the Book of Common Prayer.

The new videos feature the Rev. Canon Ian Paton, a British priest who now works within the Scottish Episcopal Church, and Lizette Larson-Miller, who teaches liturgical studies and other theological courses at Huron University College, University of Western Ontario.

Paton mentions the Scottish Episcopal Church’s use of “wee bookies” as authorized supplemental liturgical texts, and he encourages the SCLM to engage in creative chaos.

Drew Nathaniel Keane, a member of the SCLM, conducts the interview.

In another discussion led by Keane, Larson-Miller discusses challenges facing new priests in Canada, including the existence of three rather different eucharistic rites.


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