New Leader for USPG

The Rev. Duncan Dormor, dean of St John’s College, Cambridge, will be the next CEO of United Society Partners in the Gospel (USPG). He succeeds Janette O’Neill, who is retiring after six years. He will leave his work at Cambridge at the end of 2017.

Founded in 1701, USPG is an Anglican mission agency that enables local churches in more than 30 countries to transform people’s lives for the better. It supports projects that improve healthcare, decrease poverty, give children access to education, challenge discrimination, and resist gender-based violence, and empower women. USPG helps people regardless of their beliefs or background.

“I have long admired the way in which USPG acts in solidarity to empower local churches across the globe in ways that respect their autonomy and culture,” Dormor said. “Having spent many years in ministry with young people, I know firsthand of USPG’s thirst to engage with the pressing global challenges of injustice and poverty that scar our world and I would seek to harness such vision to deepen and renew the life of the church across the world through USPG.”

Much of Dormor’s recent academic research has examined questions of sexuality, marriage, and relationships in the Anglican Church. He co-edited An Acceptable Sacrifice? Homosexuality and the Church and has worked with academic lawyers on an international project considering the rights of intersex and transgender people. His next book, to be published later this year, is a coauthored title on Pope Francis and the renewal of the Church.

Adapted from USPG and St. John’s College


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