Compassion in the Ruins

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Mothers’ Union will support families affected by the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy in June by offering holidays under the charity’s Away from it All (AFIA) program.

In 2016 Mothers’ Union provided 3,400 people across the United Kingdom and Ireland with a break. The holidays take many different forms. Some are specially organized weeks in which families and volunteers go away together. Others may take place in a holiday home owned by Mothers’ Union, usually near a beach. Some holidays take the form of day trips.

“It is hard to imagine what these families are currently experiencing and what they have gone through,” said Bev Jullien, CEO of Mothers’ Union. “At Mothers’ Union we thought about how best we could support them. We have been running AFIA holidays for more than 50 years. These holidays reflect the heart of who we are by showing practical support where it is needed most.”

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