‘We Enjoyed the Work’

Diocese of California

Bishop Marc Andrus (California) writes in memory of the Rev. Stefani Schatz, his former canon to the ordinary, who died July 12:

Ministries at all levels were encouraged by Stefani. She deepened the prayer life of the working group heads of the diocesan staff, who meet each Monday morning. Because of Stefani, we have been praying for all sorts of needs in the diocese each week — celebrations, people who suffer, congregations in transition.

Stefani encouraged and developed my ministry too. It is fair to say that the Episcopal Church would not be represented through the Presiding Bishop at the United Nations climate change summits if it were not for her. About nine months before the Paris Agreement meeting Stefani said, “Marc, I think you need to be at the Paris summit.” That statement set me in motion, and now we have formal status at the annual meetings and will be, for the third year, taking an active role on behalf of Presiding Bishop Curry.

Stefani’s accomplishments in our diocese in four years were tremendous. Personally, I loved working with Stefani. We worked very hard together and we enjoyed the work. I am so grateful that she and Joe answered the call to come and serve with us in the Diocese of California. The whole staff of the diocese, a wonderful team of dedicated people who work as well together as any staff I’ve experienced, is grieving over this great loss.

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