EYE’s Pilgrimage of Peace

Becker1999/Flickr • http://bit.ly/2tQoGRJ

Carla Hinton writes for The Oklahoman:

More than a 1,000 young people from around the country learned about the events of April 19, 1995, as they walked through the Oklahoma City Memorial & Museum on [July 12] as part of an Episcopal Church USA youth conference.

The tour and a candlelight vigil at the memorial and museum were among the highlights of the Episcopal Church USA’s Episcopal Youth Event 2017 (EYE17) conference continuing through Friday in the metro area.

Youth organizers of the event said the activities at the memorial fit the conference’s theme of “Path to Peace.”

Trever Mahan of Wichita, Kansas, said he and other youths on the conference planning committee toured the memorial and museum before the youth conference and felt it was an appropriate venue to highlight the need for ongoing dialogue and actions designed to promote peace in the world.

“There’s always a path to peace, no matter who you are, no matter our differences,” he said. “It’s the kind of message that every single young person needs to hear.”

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