New home for ECMN from Episcopal Church in Minnesota on Vimeo.

Bishop Brian Prior announces that the Episcopal Church in Minnesota has found a new location for its office:

As the Trustees approached the office transition for ECMN’s Bishop and Missioners, they wanted to enter into it with the same heart and vision that we encourage faith communities to have: where is God at work, and how can we join God in that work?

Yet when we are reminded that our God is a God of timing, we recognize that, maybe, just maybe, it was all leading up to this.

This time, and this place. North Minneapolis.

God calls us to move into the neighborhood, to join God in what God is doing there. And North Minneapolis is the perfect place for ECMN to do this. Not because it’s so broken and in need of repair, but because there are churches and organizations who have been doing this good work for decades, and we have so much to learn from them.

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