Hear the Global South

The Episcopal-Presbyterian Dialogue met at the offices of the Diocese of Maryland on April 3-5. The committee heard a presentation from the Rev. Kamal Hassan on “How Do We Witness in the Public Square?” with connections to the Accra Confession of 2004. The focus of the workshop was the Church’s need to hear Global South voices as they address issues of empire, racism, and justice.

The committee welcomed Rev. Christian Boyd as the new co-chair for the PCUSA and honored the service of the Rev. Dennis Hughes, former co-chair, who has since died.

The dialogue team participated in a weekly meal and worship of the SLATE project, housed at the Diocese Cathedral of Maryland, and led by ministers from the Episcopal, Presbyterian and Lutheran traditions. Following dinner and worship, the committee met with the SLATE leadership to discuss the ministry’s origins, management, sense of ministry, and vision for this endeavor.

Adapted from the Episcopal Church’s website


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