Thus Says Lego Isaiah

Students at Oak Hill College in London have produced two brief videos that convey messages from the Book of Isaiah.

The college’s weblog reports:

Jimmy Hill, who produced Lego Isaiah along with Alec Ham, Tom Heasman and Jarrod Howard-Browne, says that their team took more than 2,500 photographs to complete the video, moving each Lego mini-figure a tiny amount between each photo. “It took a couple of days to complete,’ he says, ‘but it sure beats writing essays!”

“Isaiah is a complicated book,” says Tom Heasman. “There is lots of back and forth, plus repeated themes, so we wanted a video which would capture the essence of the book — judgement, restoration, hope — without losing the wood for the trees.”

Meanwhile, another team of students produced the live-sketch video, Eyesaiah.

… “Engaging with Isaiah visually and creatively has allowed some of the book’s illustrations to profoundly go to work on us. In the same way that political satire in newspaper cartoons really packs a punch, bringing to life some of Isaiah’s images (such as the idol creation in chapter 44) has left a lasting effect on us all. It’s also been great revision for our forthcoming Isaiah exam!”

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